Tickets for both days

  • Price: 110 €
  • Pupils, students, seniors: 99 €
  • All registrants by 1. 9. 2022: 90 €
  • Group discounts (valid for the price of both days until 1. 9. 2022): 6-10 applicants = 10%, 11-20 applicants = 20%, 21-30 applicants = 30%, 31-40 applicants = 40%, over 41 applicants = 50%

Ticket for one day

  • Price: 73 €
  • Pupils, students, pensioners: 68 €
  • All registrants by 1. 9. 2022: 61 €

Single concert ticket

  • Price: 10 €
  • Pupils, students, seniors: € 7
  • Tickets for individual concerts can be ordered at [email protected]

Ticket for exhibition only

  • Price: 10 €
  • Pupils, students, seniors: € 7
  • GROUP APPLICATION FORM(for those submitted by legal entities (music schools, orchestras, societies, etc.)
  • You can also register on the day of the festival.
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The 13th Slovenian Flute Festival will take place in
Cultural Centre Delavski dom, Cesta 9. avgusta 1, 1410 Zagorje ob Savi
GPS coordinates: 15° 00′ 00″ E | 46° 08′ 04″ N


Local bus timetable Zagorje ob Savi (Railway Station) – Zagorje ob Savi (centre):
05:35, 06:35, 07:35, 08:35, 09:35, 10:35, 11:35, 12:35, 13:35, 14:35, 15:35, 16:35, 17:35, 18:35, 19:35, 20:35, 21:35, 22:30
Local bus timetable from Zagorje ob Savi (centre)- Zagorje ob Savi (railway station):
05:17, 06:22, 07:22, 08:22, 09:22, 10:22, 11:22, 12:22, 13:22, 14:22, 15:22, 16:22, 17:22, 18:22, 19:22, 20:22, 21:22, 22:20
The ride takes 6 minutes, the price is 1.3 Eur.
Taxi JASNA, 070 409 468 (+ Viber)
Taxi ZAGORJE, 030 268 046



Official organisers of the Slovenian Flute Festival are:

Zagorje ob Savi Music School & Community of Zagorje ob Savi


Music School Zagorje ob Savi, Kolodvorska 2, 1410 Zagorje ob Savi
Phone: 03 56 60 640 E-mail: [email protected]


  • President Matjaž Švagan, Mayor of the Municipality of Zagorje ob Savi
  • Metka Podpečan, Principal of the Zagorje ob Savi Music School
  • Karmen Cestnik, Director of the Cultural Centre Delavski dom Zagorje ob Savi
  • Blanka Šmit, Head of the Social Activities Department of the Municipality of Zagorje ob Savi
  • Marjeta Bantan, Accountant, Zagorje ob Savi Music School
  • Tjaša Klančišar, Secretary of the Zagorje ob Savi Music School
  • Nataša Burger, flute teacher at Zagorje ob Savi Music School
  • Demetrij Zupan, Music School Zagorje ob Savi
  • Leopold Drobne, technical collaborator and amateur flautist


Bettet Charter
Bettet Charter
Plaque of Dr Slavko Grum
Plaque of Dr Slavko Grum


There are few landscapes in Slovenia where nature can play as richly as in the Zagorje Valley. The rolling hills and steep slopes here seem to be scattered casually. After your first encounter with these places, you will realise that you have arrived somewhere where a different world is opening up before your eyes. A world that is very close, but you thought was far away. A world of a noble past that began long before the first miners descended into the dark shafts. A world of sophisticated art and culture that has been nurtured from generation to generation.

The Zagorje Valley has hidden its precious treasures for too long, due to a number of historical circumstances. It is time to rediscover them for tourists, casual visitors, pilgrims, entrepreneurs and locals alike. Our old industrial town is therefore open to all those who seek pleasure in the beauty of nature, culture and a rich historical and artistic heritage. There are numerous cultural events, excursion points, hotel and agritourism, sports facilities and even an airport.

Pleasant surprises make life better and richer. The Zagorje Valley is also home to many cultural experiences. The locals will be able to tell you a lot about the cultural pulse of the valley. The inhabitants breathe with a rich cultural life that doesn’t end with the latest cinema show.

Zagorje and its surroundings have been hosting several important cultural events for decades, including the Izlake-Zagorje Painting Colony and the Festival of Children’s and Youth Choirs of Slovenia, and in recent years they have been joined by the musically coloured Valvasor’s Evenings and the internationally coloured Festival of Flute Players of Slovenia. Many poets and writers, painters, singers and musicians, directors and actors, and others have been born and lived here, and are credited with making it a place where culture is valued.

People from these places are waiting for you. They are ready to share with you the past and traditions of this valley, as well as its promising future.


Photo by Roman Rozina